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Many businesses don't have a Chief Information Officer (CIO) on staff.  Our virtual CIO or fractional CIO service can provide critical oversight and strategy for your IT  needs.

vCIO Services for businesses of all sizes

Many businesses don't have a Chief Information Officer (CIO) on staff.  Our virtual CIO or fractional CIO service can provide critical oversight and strategy for your IT needs.  

A vCIO, or virtual CIO is a third-party IT consultant for your business.  In large enterprises, an individual provides these services to guide and lead the IT department as a whole.  For businesses without the luxury of a full-time CIO, utilizing a fractional or virtual CIO can meet your needs.  

A CIO wears many hats for an organization, including budgeting and vision, project management and prioritization,  infrastructure and security audits, capacity and growth planning, business continuity planning, and compliance oversight.

Instead of tasking one individual with these responsibilities, the entire team at Safe Network Solutions ensures your systems are managed to our best practices.  The result?  Strategic planning and execution keeps you on track and on budget. 

Budgeting and Vision

Adhering to the budgetary needs of an organization is one of the key deliverables for a CIO.  By engaging with our team, we'll keep costs in check while communicating project needs before they become emergencies.   

Project Management and Prioritization

Keeping migrations, updates, and software version upgrades on schedule is critical for any IT department.  With our professional project management team, scheduled upgrades and maintenance tasks will be planned in advance.  Our team will prioritize the various project phases to ensure unexpected interruptions are minimal.   

Security and Compliance Audits

Maintaining the integrity of IT systems through infrastructure and compliance monitoring can be a full time job.  Routine checks of policies, procedures, and system logs help keep your network in compliance at all times.  There's no need to panic when an audit occurs when your systems routinely reviewed for compliance.  

Capacity and Growth Planning

Properly estimating how long systems can serve the needs of your organization can be challenging.  Add business growth to the equation and businesses may find themselves out of space or processing power when they need it most.  Our team measures the performance characteristics of your systems to make informed decisions for upgrades and capacity expansion.   

Business Continuity Planning

No one can predict if or when a disaster will strike, but we can prepare for it.  Does your team know how it will function during an extended power outage, building loss, or prolonged Internet outage?  What about the loss of a key employee?  Our business continuity planning goes well beyond checking your backups.  And we do that, too, each and every day.   

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