Microsoft SharePoint Consulting

No matter where you are, SharePoint gives you and your employees complete and secure access to company data.  

Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services

No matter where you are, SharePoint gives you and your employees complete and secure access to your company data.

Business needs are changing.  Data accessibility, security, and management drive business operations and employee efficiency in a remote and distributed workplace.  SharePoint allows complete data access, file security, and policy management to help your team collaborate without limits.  

Traditional servers stored files for users to access through network shares, often organized by folders.  This primitive solution worked surprisingly well for years, however, as business systems improved, the needs to manage workflows, organize data, and work collaboratively continued to increase.  

SharePoint allows your team to take advantage of these additional capabilities and get away from basic file shares in the cloud.  No other platform provides so much flexibility to employees.  

SharePoint Libraries and Team Sites

Whether you have 2 teams or 10 teams, Microsoft SharePoint allows you to logically arrange your collaborative groups in discrete workgroups.  This helps improve security, communication, and efficiency.  The days of endlessly emailing file revision changes are over.  Have multiple employees work collectively on documents and presentations.  

Flexible Communications

Use Microsoft SharePoint to eliminate endless revision nightmares.  Keep your team up to speed on file changes, project status, and other communications within SharePoint team sites.   

Data Workflows

Collect and present data from Microsoft Forms and and allow your team to analyze and display survey results or customer service feedback.  Generate charts for analysis in Power BI for a visual element.   

Secure File Sharing and Access Controls

Take your traditional file shares to the cloud with Microsoft SharePoint document libraries.  Make data available from anywhere with selective sync and OneDrive.  Restrict access to your files if security requirements (such as out of date AntiVirus or if hard drive encryption has been disabled) are not met.   

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