Cybersecurity Solutions

More than ever, cybercrime is affecting our day to day lives.  Every day, data is traded on the dark web, identities are stolen, and confidential data is exposed.  How safe is your business?

Cybersecurity Solutions for Your Business

More than ever, cybercrime is affecting our day to day lives.  Every day, data is traded on the dark web, identities are stolen, and confidential data is exposed.

Cybercrime is on the rise.  Protecting your valuable data from advanced persistant threats and ever-changing hacking strategies can be a daunting problem for businesses and healthcare providers.  To protect against modern threats, a combination of technical solutions, employee education, and policy directives are necessary.  

The best approach to cybersecurity is through a layered approach with an expert.  By combining the latest tools and techniques, proper employee training, and comprehensive response plans, the threats from bad actors can be minimized.  Safe Network Solutions has the solutions and knowledge to safeguard your sensitive data while minimizing threats to your office, customers, and employees.  Talk to us to get an assessment about your security threat landscape and ensure you have the protection you need.  

Cybersecurity Assessments

A great starting place for any cybersecurity plan is an assessment.  If you've been with your current provider for many years, now may be a great time to re-evaluate your security posture.  Let us assess your system protection and help identify any security gaps today. 

Microsoft Office 365 Hardening

Microsoft Office 365 is easy to sign up for, but properly securing your cloud environment is much more challenging.  Partner with Safe Network Solutions today, and let us harden your Microsoft Office 365 deployment.   

Managed IT Security

Many IT departments are pushed to capacity handling trouble tickets, setting up new computers, and installing new software.  Let us take the burden of IT Security off your plate.  By partnering with Safe Network Solutions, we can remotely manage your technology security while tracking cyberthreats as they emerge. 

Compliance and Regulatory

More and more businesses are forced to meet industry compliance regulations.  Whether you're in healthcare, financial services, or government contracting, we can help you avoid costly penalties and meet your compliance regulations. 

Firewall Management

Firewalls protect your network from the prying eyes of the Internet.  Ensuring they are configured correctly and properly alerting when threats arise is critical to the safety of your network.  Let us help keep you safe by managing your firewall from network threats. 

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Safe Network Solutions can ensure you have a comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan to keep your business functioning through unpredictable events.  When systems fail, it's imperative to have redundant backups and verified recovery strategies in place.   

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Maintaining an effective security posture is essential in safeguarding your sensitive data.  With threats coming from software vulerabilities, malicous actors, and rogue employees, the threats to your business must be mitigated.  Contact us to learn how we can protect your business, improve efficiency, and grow your business with IT Support from Safe Network Solutions.