Co-Managed IT Services

Is your in-house IT support team overworked and stressed out?  Are project deadlines missed or upgrades postponed?  Co-Managed IT Services from Safe Network Solutions can help!

Co-Managed IT Services from Safe Network Solutions

Is your in-house IT support team overworked and stressed out?  Are project deadlines missed or upgrades postponed?  Co-Managed IT Services from Safe Network Solutions can help!

Many organizations have internal IT support teams dedicated to helping staff resolve network issues as they arise.  When resources are limited, those well-intentioned staff members often sacrifice network security, project hours, patch management, and other tasks that are less urgent but just as important.  The best intentions often leave critical systems vulnerable and users frustrated with errors and alert notifications.  Your systems could be on the brink of an IT disaster without knowing it.

To help combat these issues, consider partnering with Safe Network Solutions.  By leveraging our team as an escalation point or for routine patching and monitoring, your team can be available to address other projects that would better serve your organization.  


In working with growing organizations, we have identified a number of service offerings that can alleviate the constant avalanche of support requests.  Helping your team respond to critical alerts, prioritize support requests, and identify security gaps are some of the benefits of Co-Managed IT Services.  

Helpdesk Management

When multiple requests fill the inbox, it can be overwhelming to service those requests as needed.  Turn to Safe Network Solutions for help.  We can assist your IT department by extending our industry-leading helpdesk and ticketing platform to your internal team.   

Infrastructure Monitoring and Remediation

Keeping an eye on server health, firewall logs, AV alerts, and failed patches is a full-time job.  These "IT Janitorial" tasks are necessary to keep your network running efficiently.  By offloading infrastructure monitoring and remediation, your team is free to service the daily reactive and urgent service requests they receive. 

Focus on What Matters

Keeping your team engaged on moving large initiatives forward is one of the benefits of Co-Managed IT Services.  Your team knows your specialized business software better than anyone.  By freeing your team to manage those truly important tasks, we've elevated and delegated your team to be at their peak efficiency.    

vCIO Services

If you need assistance with strategic decision-making, budget-setting, prioritizing IT spend, and streamlining project efficiency, our vCIO services are for you.  Using our vCIO, you get a CIO on your team at a fraction of the cost.  Many organizations find they don't need a full-time C-Level executive for their IT needs.  Let us fill the gap for you.   

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Schedule a call today to learn how our Co-Managed IT Services can benefit your team.  Safe Network Solutions has the right tools, team, and expertise to propel your internal IT staff in today's chaotic environment.  Let us offer some shelter from the avalanche of support requests and keep your team focused on the bigger picture.  

Are you on the brink of an IT Disaster?  Download our eBook now to identify the signs.

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