Book Recommendation – The Dream Manager

Title: The Dream Manager

Author: Matthew Kelly

The Problem:

Facing a turnover rate of over 100% for a quarter, Admiral
Cleaning had a massive issue with turnover, morale, and engagement from their
staff.  Managing profitability and
productivity as a small business owner is challenging enough, particularly so in
a tight job market.  The cost of continual
hiring, dis-engaged employees, and low morale contribute to thin margins and
missed targets.  The reality is, few
people work for money alone.  To unlock
the potential of your team, you’ve got to ensure 1.) your employees have dreams,
2.) actively learn what those dreams are, and 3.) facilitate the planning to
reach those dreams.

By seeking to understand each team member – their reason for
being – their wants, dreams, ambitions, and hopes – you can attain happier
customers, healthier margins, and stronger relationships with happier, more engaged


When facing turnover, disengaged employees, and low productivity, many companies throw money at the problem.Rarely do employers seek to understand why …