Amazon Web Services

Leverage the power of the cloud with Amazon Web Services.  Boost performance and capacity on demand with Amazon cloud computing.

Amazon Web Services

Leverage the power of the cloud with Amazon Web Services.  Boost performance and capacity on demand with Amazon cloud computing.

Amazon Web Services provides low upfront costs and pay-as-you-go cloud computing solutions for your business.  Transform your business productivity, efficiency, and flexibility with Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform.  

Safe Network Solutions can help your office migrate to the cloud.  Take advantage of operational costs and stop dumping money into costly hardware and software upgrades for on-site servers.  

Many business applications still rely on traditional on-premise servers.  With Safe Network Solutions, we can migrate those legacy systems to the cloud for lower operating costs and better performance and security.  

Amazon Web Services Support and Consulting

Safe Network Solutions understands the complexity of on-premise to cloud migrations.  We have supported hosted servers on Amazon Web Services since 2008, and we have grown our expertise in the past decade.  Let Safe Network Solutions take the guesswork out of the cloud.  

AWS Cost Management

Safe Network Solutions can efficiently and effectively manage your cloud infrastructure deployment while saving you money.  By configuring your services correctly and by leveraging reserved instances, you can reduce your AWS spend by more than 30%. 

Infrastructure Management and Security

Safe Network Solutions can help manage your virtual infrastructure on the Amazon Web Services platform to ensure your team is up and running when you need it.  By securing your environment, we'll protect against external threats from compromising your data in the cloud.   

Virtual Desktops and Remote Accessibility

Do you need access to your critical systems, regardless of location?  Whether you need access to accounting packages, CAD software, or patient EHR data, Safe Network Solutions can enable your team to work from any device and from any place.   

Custom Solutions for Your Business

The needs of a 10 person office are very different from a 500 person enterprise.  AWS can grow with your business needs all without having to spend money like an enterprise for robust technology.   

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Interested in learning how you can increase efficiency, improve culture, and win new business with Amazon Web Services?  Schedule a consultation and learn about the powerful capabilities of AWS today.

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