Nashville's Trusted IT Partner

The Safe Network Solutions team has been providing IT Support to Nashville since 2006.  See what makes our team so special.

Safe Network Solutions is the premier IT Partner for Nashville.  

The Safe Network Solutions team has been proudly serving Nashville Businesses since 2006.  Our office is moments away from downtown Nashville and the surrounding areas of Brentwood, Franklin, Smyrna, Murfreesboro, Mt. Juliet, and Hendersonville.  See what makes our team so special.

The team at Safe Network Solutions lives by our core values every day with every client and peer interaction.  These core values drive our processes for hiring and promotion decisions within the organization.  By communicating our values to our team, and living those values every day, we know we have the right people in place to keep our clients happy.  

As a Managed Service Provider, these core values provide a framework for every client engagement.  Because these values are so important to our organization, we wanted to spend some time sharing those principals with you.  We hope you see these in our actions when working with your organization. 


Hunger for Results

We are a team built on trust, constructive in conflict, concise in commitment, and linked in accountability.   

Synonyms: Partnership, Synergy, Cooperation, Collaborative, Responsive 

What it is:

  • Helping others achieve goals

  • believing in each other

  • saying what you mean

  • Doing what you say

  • Open & Honest

  • Confidence in the team

  • Continuous improvement 

What it isn't:

  • Self-serving

  • Detached

  • Disinterested

  • "Not my problem"

  • Shifting blame

  • Discordant

  • Getting ahead at any price

  • Keeping the status quo 


  • Offering to take "on-call" for someone else when a conflict arises

  • Working with a vendor to discover root cause of a problem - even if we are the cause

  • Holding each other fiercely accoutable for things we said we would do 



Listen and Seek to Understand

We are a team intent on listening to others; working to understand their position / pain / need / expectations.   

Synonyms: Attentive, Empathetic, Observative, Perceptive 

What it is:

  • Others-Focused

  • Hearing the meaning behind the words

  • Active listening

  • Hypothesizing and not assuming 

What it isn't:

  • Ignorant

  • Disinterested

  • "Not my problem"

  • Me-Focused

  • "I'm the expert, listen to me"

  • Jumping to conclusions 


  • Actively listening and repeating back the request to convey understanding

  • Hearing details that others don't (understanding more than IT needs - know the person)

  • Open mind when hypothesizing on potential causes and solutions

  • The ability to listen and respond in a calculated yet empathetic way to make the other person feel heard and respected 



Humble Yet Confident

We are a team humble in thought and confident in action. 

Synonyms: Modest, Respectful, Teachable, Assured, Knowledgeable, Centered 

What it is:

  • Hypothesizing and not assuming

  • Knowing what you know and don't know

  • Seeing people as ends and NOT means to an end

  • Being graceful when you're wrong

  • Being graceful when you're right 

What it isn't:

  • Reluctant to share your opinion

  • Timid and withdrawn

  • Defensive

  • Egocentric

  • Being unteachable

  • Lack of self-worth

  • Too much self-worth 


  • Provide answers in a cohesive and understanding way; open to learning and constructive criticism

  • Open to admitting mistakes, recognize what you don't know, and speak up about it

  • Jovial winner, but equally humble in defeat 



Thirst for Growth

We are a team with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, personal growth, and desire for improvement.   

Synonyms: Betterment, Mastery, Enhancement, Progress 

What it is:

  • Never satisfied with the status quo

  • A need to improve

  • Focused and applied curiosity

  • Ability to recognize where growth is needed

  • Ability to recognize how much growth is needed 

What it isn't:

  • Satisfied with where you are

  • Lazy

  • Thinking you know everything

  • Thinking you are already as good as you can get 


  • Pushing through uncomfortable conversations and situations for the betterment of relationships

  • Pursuing knowledge during on and off time

  • Asking for feedback on what you do to push forward and remove obstacles

  • Able to accept areas of weakness and the want to improve them 



Emotional Intelligence

We are a team that is passionate about the right goals to the right degree at the right time for the right purpose in the right way. 

Synonyms: Empathy, Soft skills, Emotional quotient, Social intelligence, Social graces 

What it is:

  • The ability to interact with people differently

  • Positively influencing the emotions of others

  • Awareness of your own and others' emotions

  • Capacity to control and express emotions 

What it isn't:

  • Insensitive or indifferent emotions 

  • Lack of capacity to recognize emotions 


  • Empathetic interactions creating a force for positivity

  • Balancing emotional distance and emotional engagement under the right circumstances

  • Ability to have difficult conversations in a manner that was conducive to communication

  • Staying calm and cool during stressful times

  • Keeping your eye on the goal without getting wrapped around the axel of emotions 


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Living the core values of Safe Network Solutions in every client interaction creates a different kind of partnership with our company.  Whether you have in-house servers or you are looking to cloud computing, our team can solve your IT challenges.  If this sounds like something that could benefit your office, contact us to start a conversation.  We can't wait to share our values through action.