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COVID-19 Response

Remote Work Services and Support

In response to COVID-19, we are closely monitoring the situation and staying on top of the latest developments. We are here to help you and your business with technical solutions so Nashville businesses can best cope with the pandemic.

These are interesting and tough times we are working through. Owning and operating a business is never easy under normal circumstances, but in light of COVID-19, many are facing a new working reality.

If I haven't spoken to you directly, I'm certain you have worked with one of our outstanding team members. We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to help you stay operational. For many, we are focused on helping get your people working from home. Based on technology available at your office, our team will be setting up VPNs, remote desktop sharing, or other remote access solutions for your team.

Our primary focus is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both our technical staff members as well as your workplace. Our team will be limiting on-site visits and ramping up our remote working capacity to ensure your needs are addressed with minimal contact. When we must visit your site in person, we will be wearing masks, using hand sanitizer, and maintaining safe social distancing standards. We understand not all businesses have the same requirements, however, we want to be respectful of your employees, their families, and their social circles.

As we work through this pandemic, hackers and malicious actors will continue to exploit weakness in your networks and people. Remind your staff members to remain vigilant against suspicious email messages, websites, and other unexpected communications.

I know we will get through this, but there may be some battle scars. Our role as your technology partner has never been more impactful than right now. Should you need anything from our team, please let us know how we can assist. We are here to support you and your office as we navigate our new reality.

Please let me know personally if I can be of additional assistance.

Alan S.